Green June Beetle

These large beetles feed on sweet corn, blackberries and peaches. They look much like our common May beetle, or June bug, but have a dull, velvety green color. The underside is more of an iridescent green. These beetles have poor navigational skills and seem to fly until they hit something. They also make a buzzing sound somewhat like a bumblebee. Unfortunately, they are also about the size of a bumblebee and so cause concern for many gardeners even though they cannot harm people. However, as noted above, they may damage crops.

So, how do we control them? A number of general use insecticides, including Sevin and malathion, may be used to discourage their feeding. Sevin has a two-day waiting period between spraying and harvest on sweet corn and a three-day waiting period on peaches. But there is a seven-day waiting period for Sevin on blackberries, so malathion, with a one-day
waiting period, may be a better choice.

Articles reprinted from the K-State Research & Extension Horticulture Newsletter


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