Apple Tree Sprays

Two common diseases on apple trees are cedar apple rust and apple scab. Though some apple varieties are resistant to these diseases — including Liberty, Jonafree, Redfree, Freedom, Williams Pride and Enterprise — most varieties are susceptible. For a description of disease-resistant varieties, go to . Fungicide sprays during April and May are critical to preventing disease on susceptible varieties. A fungicide that is available to homeowners and very effective for control of apple scab and cedar apple rust is myclobutanil (Immunox). There are several formulations of Immunox, and only one is labeled for fruit. Check the label. Bayleton (Green Light Fung-Away) is excellent on rust but poor on scab. Captan, a common component of fruit tree sprays, is excellent on scab but does not control cedar apple rust. Sprays should be done on a 7- to 10-day schedule to keep the protective chemical cover on the rapidly developing leaves and fruit. An insecticide will need to be added to this mixture after petal drop to prevent damage from codling moths that cause wormy apples. Methoxychlor or malathion can be used as an insecticide. In order to protect bees, DO NOT use any insecticide during bloom.

Although gardeners may continue to use myclobutanil throughout the season, certain other fungicides are more effective on summer diseases such as sooty blotch and fly speck. Consider switching to Captan or to a fruit spray mixture about June 1.

A spreader-sticker can be added to the fungicide-insecticide chemical mixture to improve the distribution and retention of the pest control chemicals over the leaves and fruit. A hard, driving rain of about 1 inch or more will likely wash chemicals from the leaves and fruit. In such cases, another application should be made. You can find information on controlling insects and diseases on fruit trees in our publication titled “Fruit Pest Control for Home Gardens” at


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13 Responses to “Apple Tree Sprays”

  1. mr.mike linforth Says:

    please could you tell me why my apple tree gets black leaves and what spray i can use .thank you

    • oldmillnursery Says:

      Without seeing the leaves with fungus, it’s hard to say. Are you on any kind of a Fruit Tree Spraying Schedule? We just posted a spraying schedule. Hopefully this will help you prevent the problem: Fruit Tree Spray Schedule: If you still have the issue this summer please bring a few leaves into the store or e-mail us some pictures at and we’ll try to figure out how to solve the problem. Let us know if you have any other questions. Thanks!

  2. vinay sanjta Says:

    Hi iam vinay from shimla india.I want to ask what is the right time spray apple before rain or after rain.

  3. sanjta Says:

    Size of apple is not incresing but color is coming what I can do to increse size .

  4. Jessia Morentin Says:

    Thanks for sharing

  5. abercrombie fitch outlet Says:


  6. Beautiful Boobs : Says:

    pest control is very necessary specially if you have an old house that is vulnerable to pest attacks~’-

  7. vinay sanjta Says:

    hi iam vinay i want want know what fertilizer we can use at dormat stage in apple…… my apple tree there is some trunk disesses…what i can do to solve them……..what spray i can do in days … is around 1 feet snow in my garden……..

  8. vinay sanjta Says:

    india shimla……

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