Seed Starting Tips and Information [Part 5 of 6]


A perennial is a variety that regrows from the root system every year. The advantage of a perennial is that it doesn’t need to be replanted every year; a disadvantage is that perennials have a shorter bloom period than most annuals. When choosing perennials for your garden, mix varieties with different bloom periods so that you have color in your garden over a longer period of time. Annuals do not regrow from their roots every year. However, they may produce seed that will germinate and regrow the following year. There is no guarantee that those plants will be identical to the original plants. Annuals usually bloom for a longer time period than perennials – in many cases, they bloom most of the growing season (spring to late fall).

This six part series has been taken from Botanical Interests, Inc. You can follow them at @BotanicalSeeds


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