Water Garden Ponds 101

This will get you in the mood for Spring!

Water garden ponds are the most popular water features.  People appeal is mostly due to their appearance, availability and ease of construction, especially through the advent of pond kits.  These factors created an explosion in the water garden industry in the last five years.

When most people use the term ‘koi pond,’ they usually mean a water garden pond.  A water garden pond might include koi, goldfish, shubunkin, and other fish species.  Most people want this type of water feature to create an environment where they can relax among waterfalls, streams, and aquatic plants while fish lazily swim about.

Most water garden ponds average two feet in depth and are constructed using all-inclusive kits, preformed tubs, PVC, or EPDM liners.  Such ponds feature basic filtration systems ranging from shoebox-sized filters seated at the pond’s bottom to more advance systems incorporating a mechanical skimmer and biological water fall filters.  Mechanical skimmers house the submersible pump, which creates a flow into the skimmer to help remove floating debris, such as leaves, into a basket or net for easy disposal.  Biological water fall filters are commonly used in water garden ponds, because they are easy to install, they hide within the waterfall’s construction, and plant shelves to hide the liner.

Natural stone boulders and decorative gravel create a natural look for the water garden pond.  Boulders of varying sizes form the water fall and support the pond’s vertical walls from inside the pond.  Decorative gravel covers the pond’s bottom and plant shelves to hide the liner.

A well executed water garden pond construction project should resemble a natural lagoon.  After adding fish, waterlilies, and other aquatic plants, owners end up with a feature that enhances a home’s aesthetics and provides a place to relax and enjoy with family and friends.

Taken from the January 2010, Vol. 9, Issue 1 of Ponder This a Newsletter by the St. Joseph Area Water Garden Society

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