New Year’s Top 10

If you’re like most people, you get busy; work, kids, Church, etc. It happens. This year, this new year, I challenge you to make a list of the things you have been putting off and take advantage of a fresh start. I’m sure your list involves more than outdoor work. In fact, when you start making your To-Do List break it down into parts. For example, start with Indoor, then break it down from there into Rooms. This will make it less overwhelming and you can cross them off your list after you complete it.

How do you eat an elephant….? One bite at a time!

10.) I will build a patio or deck (they’re easier to build than you think).

9.) I will install a water garden (it can be cheaper than you think).

8.) I will have pruning work done on any trees that present a hazard.

7.) I will define my landscape tastes and implement them.

6.) I will grow some plants that will enhance my fall landscape design.

5.) I will provide maximum visual interest for the winter landscape.

4.) I will stop complaining about watering and instead work on improving my water conservation.

3.) I will stop complaining about mowing the lawn and instead explore low-maintenance alternatives to lawns

2.) I will stop complaining about garden pests and take preventive measures against them.

1.) I will fully enjoy my yard, rather than being a slave to its upkeep. I will “stop and smell the roses.”

What would you add to your Outdoor Top 10 Projects of 2010?


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