Christmas Gift Ideas for Fruit Growers

Pruning equipment can make good gifts for fruit gardeners. There is a variety of items that are not only useful but are necessary to take proper care of fruit canes, vines and trees. A high quality pair of hand shears should be used through much of the growing season in training trees and vines and eliminating undesirable branches and heading back or pruning out canes or other wood. A good pruning saw that folds for easy handling and safety also is handy. The higher number of points per inch makes a fine cut on small wood. A pole pruner to reach high branches can be a useful tool. Other items that may be appreciated include grafting and budding knives, rain gauges, magnifiers, sprinkling equipment, labeling equipment, and even a good pocket knife. These items generally last the fruit gardener for several years (or even a lifetime) and will be appreciated each time the items are used.


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  1. Unwifsnit Says:

    Wow, I didn’t know about this topic till now. Cheers!!

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