Poinsettias [Part 3 of 5]

Secrets of Success

Temperature: Average warmth – minimum 55 – 60 degrees Fahrenheit during the flowering season.

Light: Maximum light during winter – protect from hot summer sun if plant is to be kept for next Christmas.

Water: Water thoroughly – wait until compost moderately dry before watering again.  Water immediately if leaves begin to wilt.  Water more liberally in summer.

Air Humidity: Mist leaves frequently during the flowering season.

Care After Flowering: Plant should be discarded, but if you like a challenge it can be kept and will bloom again next Christmas.  The lighting will have to be very carefully controlled in autumn – see Part 2 of 5 of our series How To Make A Poinsettia Bloom Again Next Christmas

Propagation: Take stem cuttings in early summer. Use a rooting hormone.


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